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Grating Legs

Stilts, Legs

A: FIXED-HEIGHT LEGS /SINGLE HEAD - For supporting grating up to 60" above level concrete floor.
B: FIXED-HEIGHT LEGS /DOUBLE HEADS - For connecting adjoining panels.
C: ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT MINI LEGS - For raising grating 2-3/4" to 9" above uneven concrete floor.
D: ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT LEGS /SINGLE HEAD - For uneven floors designed to be screw-adjusted from atop the elevated floor.
E: ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT LEGS /DOUBLE HEADS - For joining and supporting panels above non-level concrete floor.


Leg Connectors

Stilts, Legs

Specially designed legs for 1-1/2" deep, 1.5" 1.5" square mesh molded grating are manufactured to provide sturdy support for elevated flooring. All fixed-height and adjustable legs support flooring for heights up to 60 inches. (Cross bracing is required for flooring elevated more than 24 inches.)


Clips, Bolts and Washers

Clips, Bolts & Washers

Recommendations for the use of our Stainless Steel clips is that all sides of FRP grating should have landing support of at least 40mm width.

Minimum four clips per side are required for full size panels. Frame work should be used under the joint when using "M" and "L" so the clips can be bolted to structure with out loss of strength. "C" clips connects two pieces grating.

Clips are sold as sets consisting of clip, bolt, nut and washers. They are all made from 316 stainless steel and can be also made from 316L.

We can supply grating support legs to raise the sheets of the ground if required.

We have now made a stainless steel L clamp to allow grating to be clamped down to Beams and support members with out drilling or threading holes.



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