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FRP Grating grating molded products

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic grating molded products have passed ABS certificates, ASTM E84 and D635 tests. The production, inspection, testing, installation and service are strictly managed and controlled under ISO9001:2000 quality systems.

FRP grating has been widely used by petrochemical, metallurgic, electric power and electronic, water-supply & drainage, food & beverage, municipal construction and environment, civilian construction industries etc.

Normal Grating Surface Deigns

product image

Concave Surface

Concave grating slip resistance
product image

Gritted Surface

Gritted grating, superior slip resistance
product image

Flat Surface

level smooth fininsh

Covered Grating

product image

Decorative Pattern Cover

Chequre plate slip resistance
product image

Grit Cover

Gritted plate, Non Slip
product image

Smooth Cover

Plain top cover with no Grit

Our grating has an integral construction with one-piece of fiberglass roving reinforced unsaturated polyester resin (FRP) grating. This grating is typically composed of 60-65% by weight resin and immensely strong continuous glass fiber by a specially designed process that provides a property of good corrosion resistance, angular silica particles are embedded in the top surface of grating to provide longlasting slip resistant surface.

The grating is non-conductive and non-magnetic, great appearance, ease of installation and maintenance free

Continuous glass fiber roving winding in alternating layers in two directions is thoroughly wetted in polyester resin. When load applied to the grating bar this load is transferred to adjoining cross bars and bearing bars, assisting in load distribution on the grating providing a high strength structure.



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