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Wastewater Treatment Cover of trench, Walkways, Drain, Large capacity vessel,Washing machine, Water channel, Ventilation valve, Stair treads,Flooring.
Chemical Plant Stair trends, Platform, Handrails system, Cover of concrete pool, Double flooring, Filter plate.
Oil Industry Platform above sea.
Textile Plant Replacement of metal grating, Wooden platform and cover of concrete pool, Flooring around bleaching, Dying area, Floor around pump and valve area.
Power Plant Cover of concrete pool etc.
Metal Finishing Acid washing area, Replacing wooden floor at the surrounding of machines, Walkway, Double flooring.
Seafood Processing Oily surface contaminated area, Marine.
Transportation Platform, Ships, contaminated area, Minesweeper, Stair treads.
Beverage Plant Stair treads, Replacing stainless steel, Floor grating.
Pulp and Paper Factory Stair treads and platform, Walkways, Walkways of wet area.
Electronic Industry Cover of concrete pool, Acid pickling, Electronic-resistance(conductive grating) and high clearance workshop.
Meat Processing Factory Floor of easily corrosion area, Ladder, Platform of oily floor and stair treads.
Others Corrosion resistance frame, Decoration, Construction, Flooring close to fountain Utilities, Barrier and double flooring for zoos & aquariums etc.

Gantry & Handrails

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Stairs & Handrails

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Drainage Areas & Grip

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